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Frequently asked questions

How does Voxwave connect to my mailer?

It's easy! Just copy and paste our snippet into your emails.

How long does Voxwave take to set up?

Our AI requires about 1 minute of your voice recording for cloning. Just record yourself on your phone and upload the file. Generating hundreds of messages only takes a few seconds!

Can I really send unlimited emails?

Yes! For example, you can generate 1 static message and then send that to thousands of leads. Plus we'll provide you with unique data per lead, such as plays, location, campaign etc.

How do dynamic tags work?

For dynamic tags to work you need to upload your leads in a CSV file. We can then use tags like {name} or {company} to generate unique messages for specific individuals.

How do my leads listen to my message?

Leads are redirected to a unique landing page where they can listen to your message, read your content and book through your Calendly.

Can I get additional messages?

Yes! You can purchase additional messages anytime from your dashboard.

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